Elixir Hotel

Ośrodek Elixir
Recreation on site:
Private beach with swimming area life guard and 120 m jetty
Play grounds for children, trampoline, animations
Water sport equipment for hire (pedallos, kayaks, fishing boats)
Lake sightseeing or fishing trips with another ships 20-, 40-, 50-, 100- seaters.
Fishing - 30 m jetty, fishing posts (we sell 1-,3-,7-days fishing permits) 
Mountain bikes for adults and children, scooters
Volleyball, nordic walking
Mushroom picking in the surrounding woods 
Countryside walking
Open air fitness
We organize:
large group parties on site ( pig/lamb roasting, live music) 
historic sightseeing guided tours ( Hitler’s and Himler’s quarters, churches and Cathedrals, trips to Vilnus)
nature reserve  ( wild  animals, European bison and birds sanctuary ) excursions by coach, bike or large lake sightseeing cruiser - 100 seats.
bicycle country tours (for organised groups we offer bicycle storage)

Our guests can participate in: guided kayaks tours on the lakes or bikes rides cross country, horse back and carriage riding, balloon flights, etc.


The most interesting places in vicinity:

Fort Boyen (ca.3km) - XIX-century military fortification (Gizycko),
Swing-rotating Bridge (ca.4km) - hand-operated swing-rotating bridge 
      from XIX century, unique in Europe
View point - antique 25m high water tower provides magnificant lake and town views,
     coffe shop / snack bar (ca.6km)
Knight's Templar Castle (ca.4km)  XIV-century next to swing-rotating bridge
Evangelical Church (ca.5km) XIX-century, houses international organ concerts in summer
Cormorant Island (ca.7km) on the Dobskie Lake - nature reserve & birds nesting place
Gilma Island (ca.7km) on the Dobskie Lake - legendary quarter pagan 
      Galind's Chief - Yzegups
Baroque Basilic St. Lipka (ca.40km)
Mamerki (Mauerwald) (ca.40km) - Second World War German quarters
Pozezdrze(Mauerwald) (ca.35km) - Second World War Himler's quarter
Wolfstain (Gierloz) (ca.40km) - Second World War Hitler's quarter
Kadzidlowo (ca.40km) wild animals park
Polish Bisons nature reserve (ca.30km) 
Masurian Canal (ca.40km) - XIX century hydrotechnical jewel
Red Indian village (ca.15km) - Spytkowo / Gizycko, artifacts museum
Viaducts in Stanczyki village (ca.60km) 42m high
Rapa's Pyramid (ca.60km) - antique cementary
      And many more.


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